What can you do with cryptocurrency

01 Feb 2018 4:04 PM | Cryptocurrency
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Buy goods, Invest, Mine, Accept as payment (for business) 10 Awesome Uses of Cryptocurrency

Make a donation

Concerned only 50% of your donations reach your intended charity? With the proliferation of outsourcing, the rise of solicitation services collecting funds for charities has been prolific. TampaBay.com has an eye watering table of charitable donations and spending. It shows where your donations have gone over the last ten years. With the unique P2P sharing of crypto currency, you can believe your finances will make it to the hands you intended. Remove the solicitation services completely by donating directly. A great example is WikiLeaks who have received 3857.94535186BTC to date, from anonymous donations.

A bloody good cup of coffee

In Downtown Toronto, there is a great coffee place called Snakes and Lattes. Home to the Bumblebee Exchange. With the owner jumping on board, you can now purchase one of the best coffees around, have a chat with enthusiastic crypto fans, sip on some elegant caffeine, and play a board game of your choice. They have them all.

Travel the world

Always wanted to travel the world? Got your Bitcoin’s ready? Jump on to www.cheapair.com. They announced on the 22nd November 2013, that they would be the first online travel agency proudly accepting Bitcoin. Here you can purchase flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises. The whole package can be booked.

Buy or sell Artwork

Reinier Van den Bezemer Schoonderwoerd, an artist based in Amsterdam, sold his piece “Collaboration” portraying the link between finance and people for 10 000 Euro. If you're in the market, or would like to see your pieces hanging on a crypto enthusiasts wall, Bitpremier.com provides a market place for those looking to buy and sell luxury goods.

Get an Education

The University of Nicosia, based in Cyprus, is the first accredited university in the world to accept Bitcoin for tuition and other fees via Bitpay, a renowned payment processor. Not only can you pay in BTC, they also offer a Masters Degree in Digital Currency. So, whether you're interested in Arts, Law, Nursing, or Bitcoin itself, they may have a course for you.

Buy a house

The purchase of a stunning villa worth 1000 BTC was finalized in February 2014, if Indonesia isn’t your cup of tea, what about 0.3 acres of land in Paradise Bay, Nicaragua, or 157,000 BTC home in Vegas, or you can be in Kansas sitting in the garden of another 1000 BTC home. The list goes on, if you have property on the brain. MyCOINrealty.com advertises homes available for purchase with bitcoin.

A fancy car

In December 2013, a Tesla model S, was purchased for a reported 91.4 bitcoins. The irony is not lost though, a currency of the future, purchasing a car of the future, what a wonderful world we live in. The dealer, located in California, continues to accept bitcoin for payment. They have since sole a Lamborghini Gallardo for 216.8 BTC.

Crowd Funding

Be a part of someone’s successes by donating to a crypto crowd funding project. Unlike the well-known company Kickstarter and other crowdfunding alternatives, companies such as Lighthouse have built their crowdfunding platform using Bitcoin. Much like the currency itself, trust is placed in the technology as opposed to a third party. You will not be charged for your donation, unless goals are met by the project, and funds shall not be released unless the project meets its criteria. Should you choose to withdra

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